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Toshiba Lease Agreement

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If your company prints more than 1,000 pages per month and you don`t have the cost of capital, leasing a Toshiba copy would be a good option. Photocopiers can be rented for a period of 24, 36 or 48 months. These operating costs are not on the side of the main book guarantee. That`s how you use tax benefits. When I was selling photocopiers, I always said to the customer, “The leasing company`s papers may say Ricoh, but they are a third-party company and I will help you as much as possible. You have to remember that ALL leasing companies write their leases in such a way as to separate you from more money than you had planned”I made a lot of business because I was honest. I set up a tickler for 100 days and called the client, even though I had tried to update it. Often, I`ve had the business. I`ve even created form letters for my clients, and I`d just be straight to them and say, “Whether you come back to my house or not, I won`t let the leasing company give you the drop of water. My best compliment I`ve ever received was from a client who called me and said, “Jesus Bob, the leasing company, really hates you.” I laughed and said, “I know, “I know” Each of these complaints has one thing in common.

The tenant has obviously not read what he signed. For God`s sake, you sign for hundreds of dollars a month for the next 3-5 years and you won`t need a few minutes to read what you sign???!!!! Impressive. Wow!!!! It is difficult to have sympathy when someone has obviously not even read the first paragraph of the lease document. I`ve been in this business for over 20 years and I see these things all the time. The biggest advice I can give anyone when buying or renting office equipment is to limit your search to independent licensed traders in local possession who are active in your local community. So, get references. The other thing you`ll find together with these horror stories is that they`re mostly about huge bands and direct branches for manufacturers. Once again, don`t use these companies.

They don`t take care of you. These companies have a revolving door for hiring salespeople and with whom you have signed the lease, it will probably be far away for a long time if the leasing runs 3 to 5 years later. Only an independent licensed trader will take enough care of doing what`s right about your business when it comes to the end of your lease. . . .


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