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Sprinklr Master Service Agreement

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The order published Wednesday mentions that the agreement is in effect from March 25 to September 24 or the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, whichever is earlier. The two letters of affirmation, written on 11 and 12 April, however, show strong differences and change their tone as to the date. Days after the Kerala government was asked about its ties to US company Sprinklr in order to share the data of people being monitored about COVID-19, the state government released documents relating to the contract. Eight documents uploaded to the State government website include the order form, the service contract, Sprinklr`s privacy policy, the confidentiality agreement and two confirmation letters written on 11 and 12 April. Speaking with BusinessLine on condition of anonymity, an IT business leader, who has also served the government in different functions on both sides of the political divide, said there was no problem using the services of a foreign company, but should have followed the ordinary procedure. “As we know, the date of (Sprinklr`s) engagement was March 25 and the order was signed on April 2. There has been sufficient time to complete the ordinary process, including the legal and financial review, and to escalate it also in the health and disaster management services. Unfortunately, this has not been done,” he said. Governments around the world see cloud environments not only as an alternative to pre-poverty structures, but as the only viable model. Given the context, is there anything wrong with the Kerala government`s move to use the services of US-based Sprinklr to collect and aggregate Covid 19 data in the state? A relevant part of the agreement with Sprinklr deals with data protection.

Do Sprinklr`s new privacy agreement (signed separately) and letter of affirmation offer us enough security? It does so to some extent, but the indemnification clause protects the company and the government takes full responsibility, the Honcho Informatique said. Regarding the state`s ability to aggregate and process the full Covid 19 data, he said this is not a very complex issue. “I`m sure either the national government authorities or another company in Kerala could have found a solution quickly.” Does the controversy give a glaring example of how a data sharing/processing agreement with a third-party saaS company should not be designed? “Not necessarily. In fact, the government should have a policy on Dos and Donts for this kind of commitment.


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