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Southern Mountain Caribou Section 11 Agreement

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All comments received will be grouped into a “What We Have Heard” document that will be made available to the public and all contributions will help inform the decisions of all parties on the finalization and signing of agreements. The parties agree that the preservation of the central southern mountain caribou group should include the review of new approaches to landscape management in the area of LPUs Pine, Narraway and Quintet, and that each LPU (or sub-zone within a LPU) should be managed for specific results to support caribou recovery. The identification of adequate and effective objectives for the operation of Caribou`s recovery objectives is necessary to define the management criteria for each LPU or subzone. The objectives set by the Technical Working Group for the Use of Caribou`s Recovery Activities are being reviewed by the BC government with a view to adopting an appropriate regulatory measure in accordance with the Partnership Agreement. 65. Subject to Sections 67 and 68, the obligations and conditions of this partnership agreement regarding the establishment and implementation of the SCR and other issues (the “other conditions”) are not subject for a period of at least five years (the “first five-year period”). 92. Contracting parties support each other when a third party challenges, rejects or obstructs the parties` efforts and commitments to restore caribou, in accordance with this partnership agreement. 88. This Partnership Agreement is not a contract or agreement dealing with fundamental claims within the meaning of Sections 25 or 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. 63.

Any obligation or duration of this partnership agreement may be denounced or amended at any time by mutual agreement between the parties. It also includes the obligation to monitor population developments and to “develop mechanisms for approving oil, gas and forestry projects that are consistent with the results of Caribou`s recovery.” The federal government and the federal states are committed to providing the necessary resources to implement the strategy. Estimated costs were not included in the agreement, but Alberta plans to develop a stable funding model by 2021. 57. The conditions under which bc and Canada can be used for the categories covered by Section 55 of this partnership agreement are defined in separate funding agreements. The partnership agreement contains commitments that the parties will make to support the expansion of protected caribou habitat, including in Klin-se-za Provincial Park; Launch of a program for Aboriginal custodians; Participation in collaborative knowledge exchange and joint research; Continue to implement effective caribou restoration measures, such as maternity pencils.B. “The recovery of Caribou is at the heart of this process,” said Chetwynd Mayor Allen Courtoreille.


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