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Myba Charter Agreement Word

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The Owner has the right to withhold the second instalment and any Owner is entitled to the CHARTERER II) Late payment or late payment or late payment If the CHARTERER is unable to pay an amount due under its agreement, the CHARTERER reserves the right to treat this contract as terminated by the CHARTERER< and the total amount of all payments and 0 all unpaid and due sums up to the date of refusal This is the case. The owner does everything in his power to re-equip the ship and cannot withhold his agreement, although charters that can reasonably be denied the ship, its reputation, crew or schedule are refused. (iv) if, prior to the date of cancellation, the ship has made arrangements for chartering or has made use of the delivery/delivery fee in accordance with page 1 of this Agreement, CHARTERER shall bear those costs, unless the supplier can be fully or partially converted by the supplier or transferred to the next charter, in which case the costs shall be adjusted accordingly; The captain and OW, he is required to reduce costs as much as possible. (b) If, after the signature of this Agreement. If the owner is prohibited or convicted in the case of a business.1 If the liquidator, trustee or trustee is appointed to all or part of the 01 assets of the O/iVNER, the CHARTERER is authorized to terminate the Charter and all funds paid to the owner, his representative or interested parties under this agreement are refunded without further deduction, § 12 FAILURE OR HANDICAP In case of delivery, the ship is in any case in case of failure of Ma schinen, disable the grounding. .


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