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Mostafa Elhosari Next Fight, Boxing Record

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Mostafa Elhosari

Mostafa Elhosari

Mostafa Elhosari
Mostafa Elhosari photo

bullet Mostafa Elhosari who also known as “Mustafa Khamis Mustafa” is professional boxer from Egypt with a boxing record of 2 win(s) 2 loss and 0 draw(s).
bullet He began fighting on year 2019.
bullet Fighting at Super Middleweight division. He has a southpaw style of fighting.
bullet His last fight was December 4, 2020 against Abdalla Attia who has debut boxing record at that time. The boxing fight happened at Fitbox Gym, Club 7, Katameya Hills, New Cairo.

Mostafa Elhosari LOST this fight by Technical Knockout.


Note: this boxing profile was last updated on February 1, 2021. If you find mistake in this profile, please help by contacting us.

## Mostafa Elhosari

Mostafa Elhosari, nicknamed Mustafa Khamis Mustafa, is an amateur boxer from Egypt. Active in the boxing scene from 2019 to 2019, Elhosari has maintained an undefeated record.

Competing in the super middle division, Elhosari has accumulated 2 wins, all of which came by knockout. His last fight took place on November 30, 2019, against Emad Ismaily at the ACE Club in Victory Square, Cairo, Egypt. He emerged victorious in that bout via a referee technical decision (RTD) in the first round.

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