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Kofi Atanga Boxing Record, Next Fight

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Kofi Atanga

Kofi Atanga

Kofi Atanga
Kofi Atanga photo

bullet Kofi Atanga is professional boxer from Accra, Ghana with a boxing record of 1 win(s) 16 loss and 0 draw(s).
bullet Fighting at Super Featherweight division.
bullet He started fighting on year 2005.
bullet His last fight was on February 16, 2019 against Sanitor Agbenyo who has 8-0-0 record that time The boxing fight happened at Seconds Out Boxing Gymnasium, Accra.

Kofi Atanga LOST the fight by Technical Knockout.


Note: this boxing profile was last updated on January 16, 2021. If you find mistake in this profile, please help by contacting us.

Kofi Atanga

Kofi Atanga is a retired Ghanaian boxer who competed as an amateur. He was active in the sport from 2005 to 2019, fighting in the super featherweight division. Atanga’s professional boxing record was 1 win, 16 losses, and 0 draws, with 1 knockout victory.

Atanga’s last opponent was Senator Agbenyo, who defeated him by technical knockout (TKO) on February 16, 2019, at the Seconds Out Boxing Gymnasium in Accra, Ghana.

Kofi Atanga

Kofi Atanga, a male boxer from Accra, Ghana, embarked on his amateur boxing career in 2005. He remained active in the sport until 2019, competing in the super featherweight division.

Throughout his career, Atanga faced significant challenges in the ring. His win-loss record stands at 1-16-0, with only one victory by knockout. He faced numerous skilled opponents and experienced several setbacks, including his last fight against Senator Agbenyo in 2019. In this match held at the Seconds Out Boxing Gymnasium in Accra, Atanga suffered a technical knockout (TKO) defeat. Despite facing adversity, Atanga persevered in his pursuit of boxing, showcasing his determination and love for the sport.

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