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Khumbudzo Bandatswana Next Fight, Boxing Record

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Khumbudzo Bandatswana

Khumbudzo Bandatswana

Khumbudzo Bandatswana
Khumbudzo Bandatswana photo

Fight Record (0 – 1 – 0 ) (0 KO’s)


bullet Khumbudzo Bandatswana is a professional boxer from South Africa, Limpopo with a boxing record of 0 win(s) 1 loss and 0 draw(s). He won 0 bout(s) by knocking out his opponent.
bullet Fighting at Lightweight division.
bullet He started fighting on year 2019. He was 31 years old that time.

Note: this boxing profile was last updated on March 28, 2020. If you find mistake in this profile, please help us by contacting us.

## Khumbudzo Bandatswana

Khumbudzo Bandatswana is a male amateur boxer from Limpopo, South Africa. He was active in the sport from 2019 to 2019, competing in the light division.

During his brief boxing career, Bandatswana had a win-loss record of 0-1-0, with no knockouts. This record suggests that he had limited success in the ring. Despite his short stint in the sport, Bandatswana’s dedication and determination to compete are commendable.

**Khumbudzo Bandatswana**

Khumbudzo Bandatswana is a South African amateur boxer from Limpopo. He was active in the sport during 2019, competing in the light division.

**Amateur Career**

During his brief amateur career, Bandatswana fought three times, resulting in one loss and one draw. He was not able to secure any knockout victories during his time in the ring.

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