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Faustin Kabandanyi Next Fight, Boxing Record

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Faustin Kabandanyi

Faustin Kabandanyi

Faustin Kabandanyi
Faustin Kabandanyi photo

Fight Record (5 – 1 – 0 ) (5 KO’s)


bullet Faustin Kabandanyi with an alias of “Bouckson Boom Boom” is professional boxer from South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg with a boxing record of 5 win(s) 1 loss and 0 draw(s). He won 5 matches(s) by knocking out his opponent.
bullet Born on June 16, 1992 with the birth name Faustin Kabandanyi Bukasa.
bullet He began fighting on year 2016 at age 24.
bullet Fighting at Middleweight division.
bullet His last fight was on October 4, 2019 against Karabo Mokupi who has 2-2-0 fighting record at that time. The boxing fight took place at Malamulele Boxing Club, Malamulele.

Faustin Kabandanyi WON the fight by Technical Knockout.


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**H2. Faustin Kabandanyi**

Faustin Kabandanyi, popularly known by his nickname “Bouckson Boom Boom,” is a South African amateur boxer who hails from Gauteng, Johannesburg. Born on June 16, 1992, he has been active in the sport since 2016.

Kabandanyi competes in the middleweight division and boasts an impressive record of 5 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws. His exceptional punching power is evident in the fact that 5 of his victories have come by way of knockout. His most recent fight was on October 4, 2019, against Karabo Mokupi of Malamulele Boxing Club, which he won via technical knockout.

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