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Comcast Business Service Agreement

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it.c internal cable. You can install wiring inside the premises (“Inside Wiring”), z.B. additional wiring and power sockets, provided this does not affect the normal operation of our cable network. If you install us, repair us or have the inside wiring maintained, we charge you for this service. No matter who installed it, Inside Wiring is your property or property, regardless of who owns the property. If you do not own the premises, contact your owner or site manager for the installation, repair or maintenance of Inside Wiring. E. Protecting our information and brands. All information, documents and documents contained on our websites are protected by trademark rights, copyright or other intellectual property laws and by international provisions of the treaty. All websites, company names, service brands, trademarks, trade names, logos and domain names (together “Brands”) of us and our related companies are and remain our exclusive property.

Nothing in this contract grants you the right or license to use any of the trademarks. Right now, I pay Comcast every month for the service they won`t give me. I`m trying to choose the right approach. Should I just pay the $2, 000 and end this nightmare? Or should I find someone who could use a good Internet, give them the $2000 and give someone my problems and my money? I don`t know. But if you have to do business with them, be very careful. For the voice. Except as described below, you can use Voice with your Inside Wiring phone as long as we have proper access and you have the right to give us access to it. If you want to connect your modem to your Inside Wiring phone, the installation is recommended by our technician. We need to separate your Inside Wiring phone from your existing phone operator`s network to use the Inside Wiring phone, which allows you to disable all the services you receive from them.

If your modem is connected to your phone in the wiring without first separating the network connection of an existing telephone operator, the modem may be damaged and/or the voice may not work properly. It was the biggest for me. So I`m on the hook for a 36-month contract. That`s very good of me. As I said, I work remotely and my Internet service is really important to me. If they continue to do me a good service, I`m fine if I keep paying for it. But in October, I left Atlanta. In fact, I left Georgia and skipped two states in North Carolina. During the move, I called Comcast Business to have my service postponed. That`s when things got interesting.

The customer service staff informed me that the area I had moved to was the “chartered territory” and that they were not able to move my service. I told him I was a bit bummed because the Atlanta service was awesome. I asked him what I should do, and his answer puzzled me. She explained that even though they were no longer able to fulfill their part of the contract, I still had to pay them. The best thing they could offer me was a fee for an early termination which was about 2000 dollars! She must have been mad at me. I continued to ask the same question in other words: you agree that the service (s) and Xfinity Equipment should only be used for personal, private, non-commercial purposes, unless this has been expressly approved by our writings. You are prohibited from reselling all or part of the service or from authorizing any other service to use or use Xfinity Equipment or the Service directly or indirectly for illegal purposes, including, but without limitation, those who violate the guidelines we propose for the Service or Services. The use of Xfinity Equipment or service (s) for the transfer, communication or storage of information, data or material that violates federal, national or local rules or laws is prohibited. You acknowledge that you accept this agreement on behalf of all people who use Xfinity equipment and/or services in the premises or any other site that we have authorized, and that you have the


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