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Collective Employment Agreement New Zealand

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Staff members may not, at any time, discuss or disclose information relating to persons, official information, processes or documents relating to the activities of the Education Review Office, unless this is necessary for the performance or performance of obligations under this Agreement. At the end of the employment relationship, employees will return to their manager any information or material belonging to the Education Review Office. Limited duration Workers shall be informed in writing of the work to be carried out, the actual reason for the temporary work and the duration of the period of employment. When a worker is discharged on parental leave, the temporary worker is informed and the duration of the employment depends on the notification of the date of the worker`s return, since the worker may return prematurely from parental leave. During this period, PSA and the Chief Executive will meet to reach an agreement on options appropriate to the circumstances and available to surplus staff who are members of PSA. The following possibilities: the manager must communicate to PSA the names and location of all relevant employees who are members of PSA and are not placed by confirmation or reallocation. This consultation must be provided at least one month before the date on which surplus staff are to be dismissed. If circumstances warrant, this date may be changed with the agreement of the Chief Executive and PSA. Additional information is provided to PSA upon request.

The employer and the union must keep a signed copy of the overall employment contract and provide a copy to the workers upon request. The employer must have new workers who are not unionized and whose work is covered by the coverage clause. The right to at least 3 weeks of paid leave per year after 12 months of uninterrupted employment is established by the Leave Act, as is the right to special leave of at least 5 days for any period of employment of 12 months after the first 6 months of uninterrupted employment. Special leave can be used for issues such as the worker`s illness, spouse of dependents and bereavement cases. Sick leave for temporary workers is 5 days per six-month period of employment. Casual workers: – means an employee who is occupied by the agreement that the nature of the relationship is an occasional employment relationship “as necessary”. The employer advises the worker if he wants him to work (although the worker is not obliged to accept work on request, nor is there an obligation on the part of the employer to offer the worker a job). The employment relationship between the parties exists only at times when the worker works by mutual agreement for the employer and when there is no employment relationship outside these periods. If the illness occurs during the annual leave or long-term leave, the employer may allow the period of illness to be deducted from the right to sick leave, unless the illness occurs during the leave disbursed after the termination of the employment relationship or during the period of office closure between the statutory holidays of Christmas and New Year. A medical certificate is required if a staff member requests to change more than 3 days of sick leave. A comprehensive employment contract must be in writing and signed by any union and employer that is a party.

Staff and their hierarchical superior may, on the initiative of one of the parties, adapt or satisfy normal working hours and/or working days to the operational requirements of the Office or to the wishes of the employee. . . .


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