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Chantilly Agreement

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It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the data and opening hours in the “Calendar” section on website. The public and political outcry of the French over the prospect of abandoning Thessaloniki was so strong that Joffre took the opportunity at Chantilly to roll back his previous agreement with the British. The latter, who did not want to unbalance Briand`s government, reluctantly agreed to continue the Thessaloniki offensive. From 15 to 16 November 1916, Allied generals met in Chantilly and political leaders met in Paris before a joint meeting. In a memorandum, Joffre wrote that the combined offensive had shaken the middle powers in 1916 and that a spring offensive was to take advantage of it in France and against Bulgaria. Joffre proposed that the Russian army could be equipped with Western weapons and equipment to expel Bulgaria from the war. Joffre wanted a larger offensive on the Western Front than that of 1916 and that it was to begin in February to prevent the middle powers from preventing the Allies as in 1916, but the British claimed that they could not be ready until May and the Russian and Italian delegations followed suit. At the end of the meeting, everyone agreed on a plan that would have a decisive effect, but that the February deadline was inaccessible. Much time was devoted to the discussion on the Balkans and the defeat of Bulgaria by attacks from the East and South and it was agreed to strengthen the armed forces near Thessaloniki, provided that the troops were not distracted by France. Military leaders met with politicians, with some disagreements over a 23-division force for Thessaloniki. Aristide Briand said the two meetings came to the same conclusions, but David Lloyd George said it was “little better than a farce”.

[9] Before the plans began in detail, Joffre was fired and replaced by Robert Nivelle, who replaced an overall more ambitious plan for 1917. [10] The economic war is fully organized and fought, with the necessary measures being taken immediately through a joint Allied agreement. In these general conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”): “DOMAIN OF CHANTILLY”: the “Foundation for the Safeguarding and Development of the Chantilly Estate”, Telephone number: + 33 (0) [email protected]”Website”:”customer”: any natural or legal person with whom the Chantilly estate concludes a sales contract. In short, we call “parties” and “parties” individually. “Order”: any contract that binds the customer to the Domaine de Chantilly during the operation and conclusion of the sale. “Online ticketing”: the specific portal of the Chantilly estate, on which one or more services can be purchased. “Dated ticket”: a ticket valid only on the day for which a reservation was made. . . .


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