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Betuel Ushona Next Fight, Boxing Record

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Betuel Ushona

Betuel Ushona

Betuel Ushona
Betuel Ushona photo

Fight Record (36 – 10 – 1 ) (9 KO’s)


bullet Betuel Ushona with the nickname of “Unstoppable” is professional boxer from Namibia, Windhoek with a boxing record of 36 win(s) 10 loss and 1 draw(s). He won 9 fight(s) by knocking out his opponent.
bullet Born on March 9, 1982 with the birth name Betuel Penda Ushona.
bullet Fighting at Welterweight division. He has an orthodox boxing style.
bullet He began fighting on year 2002 at age 20.
bullet His last fight was December 7, 2019 against Ainiwaer Yilixiati who has 16-1-0 boxing record at that time. The boxing fight took place at TSSG Center, Qingdao.

Betuel Ushona LOST the fight by Technical Knockout.


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Betuel Ushona

Betuel Ushona, also known as “Unstoppable,” is a former Namibian amateur boxer born on March 9, 1982, in Windhoek, Namibia. With an orthodox stance, Ushona was active in the sport from 2002 to 2019. Competing in the welterweight division, he accumulated an impressive win-loss record of 36-10-1, with 9 victories coming by way of knockout.

Ushona’s last opponent was Ainiwaer Yilixiati, whom he faced on December 7, 2019, at the TSSG Center in Qingdao, China. Unfortunately, Ushona lost the match via technical knockout (TKO).

Betuel Ushona

Betuel Penda Ushona, better known by his nickname “Unstoppable,” is a retired Namibian professional boxer. Born on March 9, 1982, in Windhoek, Namibia, Ushona had a notable career in the sport.

Ushona began his boxing journey as an amateur. He transitioned to the professional ranks in 2002 and competed until 2019. During his professional career, he fought in the welterweight division. His orthodox stance and impressive punching power saw him achieve a respectable win-loss record of 36-10-1, with 9 of his victories coming by knockout.

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