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Audi Service Plan Agreement

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For this example, I assume that you will only get reasonable services (oil, spark plugs, etc.) and compare them to the national average for repair costs. You have your dream car, now it`s time to make sure it continues to do its best job. The planned maintenance plans audi Care and Audi Care Plus are a great way to achieve this. Fixed-price service plans. Online service plans for selected Audi models between 0 and 10 years old *Monthly payments are spread over 24 months for 0-3 year plans and over 18 months for 3-10 year plans. All vehicles must be adjusted from the centre to the fixed service regime. Service plans are not available for S models with engine dimensions of more than 2.0l, RS, R8, W12 derivatives. The general conditions of sale apply. Audi service plans are sold at participating Audi centers.

The FPS service plan covers the following two services, limited to 1 x oil service and 1 x Oil Service and Inspection. Offers may be modified or withdrawn at any time. Additional work, including wear and tear, or additional mobility opportunities are excluded. Maintenance must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the service plan. All work must be carried out in an Audi centre. The validity of the plan depends on the necessary payments. Managed by Volkswagen Financial Services, Freepost Audi Financial Services. Which would come back later to bite him, when he finally had the money to bring him to the store, just to find out that he was on duty for about $1,000 that he hadn`t made. My suggestion for every service contract like this is to always consider your options. For basics like changing the oil, it`s not as hard to do it yourself as you might think.

Audi Care saves you up to 34% compared to the purchase of these services. I think the maintenance list isn`t intoxicating, especially considering that many of these services, even simple ones like power steering fluid, cost more. Any maintenance you perform on this plan must be done by an authorized Audi dealer and you can purchase an Audi Care package individually, provided your Audi meets the age and mileage requirements for the plan you are looking for. 4 25% savings available for vehicles aged 3 to 15 years and 10% savings for vehicles aged 0 to 3 years. The offer is available between November 27 and December 24, 2020. Fixed-price service plans are only available for retail sales. Service plans are not available for S models over 2.0l, electrical derivatives, RS, R8 and 6.0L/W12. The general conditions of sale apply. Offers may be modified or withdrawn at any time. Freepost Audi Financial Services. Audi complete.

A tailor-made service and maintenance plan that varies in price. For all Audi models less than 1 year old. Using Audi Care is as simple as entering your vehicle into the Audi Mission Viejo for service…


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