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Ancillary Agreement Vertaling

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That`s why Finito wanted to terminate his employment contract. At first, Mr de Groot opposed the resignation, but now he sees no other possible solution; 1. The Parties shall refrain from making representations to third parties on the content of this Agreement and on the circumstances that led to this Agreement, with the exception of information that must be provided on the basis of the law. Mr de Groot may provide the UWV (the Netherlands Benefits Agency) with a copy of that agreement when applying for social security. You can read the rules applicable to secondary activities in the sectoral system of secondary activities. These provisions apply to all Dutch universities. Until the date of termination, Mr de Groot receives his usual salary and remuneration. Until March 1, 2018, Mr. de Groot will continue to work as usual and will take care of a correct delivery of the work. From 1 March 2018 until the date of termination, Mr.

de Groot is completely exempt from work and the obligation to appear at work. During this exemption period, no replacement subsidies and travel expenses are due and no new days off are due. All other terms and conditions of employment shall remain in effect until the date of termination if this Agreement does not contain any other provision. If you have any questions about reporting secondary activities or would like to know what the secondary activities are, please check if your question is listed in the FAQ. Mr de Groot is exempted from the non-competition clause in the employment relationship referred to in Article 9(1), the non-debaucher clause provided for in Article 9(2) of the contract of employment and the prohibition of secondary activities referred to in Article 9(3) of the contract of employment. The non-hiring clause provided for in Article 9.4 and the confidentiality clause in Article 9.5 of the employment contract remain in force. You will likely be allowed to perform secondary activities that do not harm your performance in your position at the University of Twente and do not harm the interests of the university. This authorisation may be requested for a maximum period of four years.

If you wish to continue these secondary activities after this period, you must ask permission again. You can only apply for a permanent authorization for secondary activities if your main activity is elsewhere. 2. If Mr de Groot accepts employment elsewhere before the date of termination and no earlier than 1 March 2018, by way of derogation from Article 1.1, the employment contract shall terminate by mutual agreement on the date on which his employment relationship with the new employer begins (the “new termination date”). . . .


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