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Airbnb Property Management Agreement

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This Exclusive Agreement will be effective upon the refurbishment of the Contract and will apply in full until December 1, 2018, subject to these Terms. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, unless the Owner or Administrator of the Immovable informs the other party in writing thirty days before the date of termination or an agreement is reached amicably. In the case of prior bookings related to the termination of this agreement, the owners and house managers agree to consult to comply in good faith with such reservations. But if you manage Airbnb properties, it can be a little more difficult. This agreement sets out the terms under which [HOST NAME] provides you with short administrative services regarding your accommodation that you wish to rent through Airbnb or similar homestay booking sites. If you have used the help of a property management company to operate your Airbnb, you must have a contract. This is the best way to protect your investment. The owner wants the property manager to help the owner book holiday apartments and provide basic property management services, including maintenance and housekeeping for the owners and guests of the property, as described more specifically here. Considering that the house manager has the necessary qualifications to provide rent management services to the landlord under the following conditions and will do so. The host will not advertise or market the property. r. Garage opener: the owner must, if applicable, make at least two (2) available to the manager. “cleaning fee” means a fee for cleaning and preparing the property for use by a guest; 11.3 Each party acknowledges that these documents contain the entire agreement between the parties and that it has not relied on the written or oral assurances made to it by the other party, its collaborators or representatives.

Nothing in this clause limits or excludes liability for fraud. Rental of real estate – During the term of the contract, the manager is responsible for renting the property on behalf of the owner. This includes advertising for accommodation on Airbnb websites, verifying potential candidates, and even getting a reasonable and fair price for guests.


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